“I was so pleased and impressed with your recent services looking after Axel and Tango I wanted to express my gratitude in writing.

Your expertise and attention to detail before, during and after the stay were all fantastic.  The high level of service you provided is something of rarity.

Not only did you spend the time before your first pet-sit for our two Staffordshire bull terriers before our 2 week holiday, you also took the time during the pet-sit to stay in contact by sending photos via text message with amusing updates re-assuring us of Axel and Tango’s happiness and general well-being.  I looked forward to hearing about them each day and seeing what they had been up to.

You also displayed genuine concern for their health and comfort during the very hot weather and based on their very happy, healthy and agreeable demeanor when we returned.  I would be happy to recommend your services to anyone.

Thank you so much for making our holiday stress free and for keeping our very important family members happy while we were away.”

-Brea with Axel and Tango

(Pet sit in Yarraville)

“Kai is not your average dog sitter or dog walker but has a deeper connection with canine behaviour and pack dynamics.”

-Paula with Jera

(Dog walking and pet sitting in Seddon)

“Our shy little Whippet had many fun-filled days with the pack.  It was so comforting for us to know that she was in such safe, caring hands.”

– Luke with Holly

(Dog walking in Kensington)

“Kai approaches dogs and their owners with honesty, calmness, patience and humour.  Her genuine care for the welfare of dogs is obvious.”

– Shae with Tess

(Dog training and behavioural consult and pet sitting in Brunswick West)

“I finally sought Kai’s help after a number of complaints from my neighbours over Kelvin’s constant barking while I was at work.  With Kai’s training tips and daily outings with his dog mates, I now come home to calm Kelvin instead of crazy Kelvin.  I can’t recommend Kai highly enough!!”

– Gerard with Kelvin

 (Dog training and behavioural consult and dog walking in West Footscray)

“I adopted Zola when she was rescued after being used as a breeding dog and dumped.  Through Pack Tails and Kai’s training and socialisation techniques, Zola has flourished.  She is now an outgoing, confident, social and loving part of my family.”

– Diana with Zola

 (Dog training and behavioural consult in Yarraville)

“My dog Muscat arrived to his new home in November 2012.  I had initial concerns on leaving him home alone for long periods of time when I was a work. This prompted me to engage Kai to see what she could do to help.  Kai had been referred to me by a trusted friend.

Kai spent time working on obedience training, behavioural training (i.e. adjusting different sounds and experiences) and socialisation with other dogs.  Move forward the 2014 and I have now a delightful, obedient, social and happy dog.  I certainly pertain this to the couple of hours each week that Muscat has spent with Kai since he was 2 months old.  Although I am not there on their adventures together I don’t feel like I miss out  as I receive photos every time she has him and he always looks so happy running around in play with the other dogs.

Further, it has been great knowing that she has been available on occasion to look after Muscat for a longer period of time when needed, for example I had to go interstate at short notice to attend a funeral.  It was good to know that he was so well cared for!

I can highly recommend Kai’s services and her dedication.  It has given me peace of mind knowing that Muscat is well cared for.”

-Jo with Muscat

 (Dog walking and Pet sitting in Newport)

“Our dog Bear, a Boxador, was young and we were having trouble with the kids being able to walk him.  And for heaven’s sake don’t mention the damage to ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING in the yard and main house.

Kai’s exercise regime had Bear so tuckered out, he didn’t have the energy to destroy anything.  And his manners have improved out of sight-the kids and I can now walk him with and without the lead.

Friends are now confident they can enter the house with children and leave with their loved ones intact and we often get compliments when out and about regarding how well behaved he is.

Kai has taken a loved, but overly rambunctious burden, and turned him into a truly valued member of the family.

We have recommended Kai to other families whose story was similar to our own with pretty much the same results.”

-The Cunningham’s with Bear

(Dog training and behavioural consult, dog walking and pet sitting in Brunswick)